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A New Definition of Courage

Most people think of courage as the bravery of a first responder — not the meaningful work they’re doing to redefine themselves, expand their consciousness, and take their business and life to full potential. It’s time for us to recognize the latter, says Ken D Foster

Scientifically Expand Your Potential

Most live without scientifically trying to expand their potential. As a result, their life is uncertain, uncontrolled, and unfulfilled. But no matter what your level of achievement, if you submerge your mind daily in wisdom, courageous strategies, and time-tested wealth principles, you will redefine what is possible for you. In fact, you will attain a natural state of greatness and achieve success uncommon for most.

Self-Awareness: Your Best Choices Start With the Superconscious Mind

To be successful in life, you must make the right choices, but right choices don’t necessarily start with logical thinking. They start with understanding the three aspects of the mind and the order you use them: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious.

The Hero in You — Stop Playing the “I Can’t Change” Game

If you are not getting the results you want, chances are that you have a few blind spots that are blocking your success. Within you is greatness to overcome any challenge, but real change takes courage to find your blind spots, reprogram your thinking, and take small life-changing steps daily.

Beat Burnout by Opting Out of Overwhelm

Overwhelm is prevalent in this century. It seems like the more you do, the more there is to do. Many people think they will never get caught up. This is just a symptom of not realizing what your Soulful-Self can accomplish and probably saying “yes” too much to the whims, desires, and demands put before you. Unfettered courage can change this around permanently.

Don’t “Should” Your Way out of a Fulfilling Life

So many people get caught up in doing things they think they “should do” instead of doing things that bring fire to their soul. This is no way to live because if you continue doing the infinite amount of “shoulds” that come your way, one day you will wake up stressed out, angry, empty, and unfulfilled.

Mediocrity or Courage — Your Choice

If you are not doing the things you love, or you’re stuck in a holding pattern in business or life, then at some point you're going to be faced with a decision. You will either choose to keep living in your comfort zone and risk a life of mediocrity or increase your courage, step into your power, and forge into the unknown — where everything new becomes possible!

Are You Determined or Distracted?

What is it that you really want? Is courage leading you to the future that you want to build, or are you just distracting yourself from creating your greatest dreams? Ken D Foster asks himself one question every day. “If I were courageous, what would I do today to improve my life and the lives of those I care about?”

Want a Better Business? Meditate on This

When you are determined not to let anyone disturb your peace, no one can — not even those closest to you. Deep peace is found in meditation and connecting with you Soul. Find the courage to learn to meditate, or if you are already meditating, challenge yourself to go a little deeper every day. Then, notice if you have less conflict and possibly more harmony in your business and life.
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